The What’s Up Guide to the Best Adventure Experiences in Chiang Mai

The hills and mountain regions surrounding Chiang Mai are renowned for opportunities to enjoy thrilling adventure activities. The best known of these is trekking tours. These typically take trekkers to hilltribe villages and include bamboo rafting and a short elephant ride. There are also a number of elephant camps within easy reach of Chiang Mai at which tourists are able to interact with and ride these majestic creatures.

Ziplining through the treetops is another of the most popular Chiang Mai adventure activities. Flight of the Gibbon led the way in pioneering zipline odysseys with the launch of its Mae Kampong facility in 2007. Chiang Mai X-Centre offers an assortment of activities for adrenaline junkies which range from bungy-jumping and exhilarating Xorb ball rides to ATV tours in the jungle.

Other exciting activities for the adventurous are rock climbing, caving, mountain biking and dirt-bike rides, white-water rafting and skydiving. Rides with Balloon Adventure Thailand in the Doi Saket area of Chiang Mai offer the buzz of adventure too, but without the need to do anything too strenuous. The following pages give details about our recommended providers for the best adventure activities in Chiang Mai.

ATV Riding
Bamboo Rafting
Elephant Riding
Enduro Dirt Bike Riding
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Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing & Caving
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