The What’s Up Guide to the Best Fishing Parks in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai features a number of well-stocked fishing park lakes at which fans of the sport can spend a day relaxing with Northern Thailand’s exotic landscapes as a backdrop. The fishing parks are all in rural spots, yet within easy reach of central Chiang Mai and the Old City. The parks offer everything needed for a day’s fishing. Rods, bait, restaurants and, in some cases, even resort accommodation ensure anglers do not have to travel too far from their chosen spots.

Fishing park staff are invariably on hand to give tips and provide expert tuition. The park lakes are stocked with a collection of species ranging from indigenous Siamese carp and snakehead fish to redtail catfish from the Amazon. At the What’s Up recommended fishing parks, anglers are able to entice legendary giant Mekong catfish weighing 85kgs or more to nibble. Details about Chiang Mai’s fishing parks are shown below.

Last Updated: January 2020

 Recommended Fishing Parks in Chiang Mai: 
Bo Sang Fishing Park | Dreamlake Fishing Park | Teak Tree Fishing Lake | Further Reading
*Note: Prices do change, we recommend checking for the latest updates.


Located just off the road to San Kamphaeng, Bo Sang Fishing Park enjoys a tranquil and shaded location just 15kms from the city. The lake here spans several acres and provides the opportunity of angling for the likes of Siamese giant carp, Jullien’s golden carp and Nile Tilapia as well as Mekong giant catfish. The weights of the latter are up to 60kgs. Bo Sang Fishing Park offers half and full day fishing packages which include pickups from Chiang Mai, rods, bait, a trainer, lunch and non-alcoholic beverages. Fees are reduced for those who travel to the park with their own transport.
Bo Sang Fishing Park: #29, M. 4, T. Ton Pao, A. San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai 50130 | Open: 08:00-18:00 (Daily) | Packages: ½ Day = 1,599 B; 1 Day = 1,799 B | Tel: +66 53 338 537, +66 83 320 9213 | Website | Facebook | E-mail

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Dreamlake Fishing Park is only eight kilometres from the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai but is a heavenly spot for a day’s, or even several days, fishing. Lure, fly and predator fishing give great choices. Species such as giant snakeheads, peacock bass and alligator gar plus Mekong catfish are just rewards for patience. Dreamlake is an ideal vacation choice for fishing fans as it boasts a selection of well-appointed bungalows. Dreamlake offers a combo package of accommodation, rod hire and 24/7 fishing.
Dreamlake Fishing Park: #123/1, A. Sarapee, Chiang Mai 50140 | Open: 06:00-18:00 (Daily) | Package: N/A | Tel: +66 81 289 6406 Website | E-mail


Teak Tree is situated in the Saraphi area to the south of Chiang Mai. The Lake boasts a collection of 40-plus different fish. It provides the chance of angling for some of the biggest fish in Northern Thailand. A few of the Mekong catfish weigh in at almost 90kgs while the Arapaima top the scales at 100kgs. Other biggies include Chao Phraya River catfish and Amazon redtails. Teak Tree offers all inclusive fishing holidays with accommodation in lakeview bungalows, meals and the use of premium Shimano Beastmaster rods and reels.
Teak Tree Fishing Lake: #55, M. 3, T. Chaiyasatan, A. Sarapee, A. Sarapee, Chiang Mai 50140 | Package: Anglers+Accommodation = 6,000 B/Day | Tel: +66 6 192 6026 | Website | Facebook | E-mail