The What’s Up Guide to the Best Natural Hot Springs in Chiang Mai

Fang Hot Spring

Tourists with an interest in natural treatments and rejuvenating their bodies will find a trip to one of the hot springs around Chiang Mai is the perfect day out. The water from hot springs in this part of the world contain sulphur, magnesium and other natural elements which even scientists say are good for the skin, blood circulation, relief of aching muscles and stress alleviation. All this comes with the added bonus of actually feeling good after a hot-spring bath. In addition to the hot spring locations listed below there are more a little farther afield. These include springs at Pai, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai and in Chae Son National Park in Lampang Province.

Last Updated: June 2019

 Best Hot Springs in Chiang Mai: 
 Fang | Mae Khachan | Pong Dued | San Kamphaeng | Further Reading
 Note: Admission fees do change, we recommend checking for the latest updates.


Due to the fact it is less than one hour by road from Chiang Mai, San Kamphaeng Hot Spring is the most popular with Chiang Mai visitors. The hot springs here are set amid landscaped gardens and shade-giving trees. There is a swimming pool, group tub rooms solo bathtubs for one. All are fed by hot spring water. The hot spring stream running through the centre of the park has paved sides and allows people to dip their feet in.

At the back of the park, the main geyser shoots a jet of pressurised hot spring water high into the air. There is a stone tank nearby with spring water hot enough to boil eggs in. Vendors and shops sell chicken and quail’s eggs in bamboo baskets with handles for easy boiling. Massage services are available in several locations. Shops sell a good choice of souvenirs, snacks and drinks while a restaurant serves Thai favourites such as kao pad fried rice and gai yang grilled chicken.
San Kamphaeng Hot Spring: #1, M. 7, T. Baan Sahakorn, A. Mae On, Chiang Mai 50130 | Open: 08:00-20:00 (Daily) | Admission Fees: Adult 100 B; Child 50 B | Tel: +66 53 53 037 101-2, +66 53 929 077

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The hot springs at Mae Khachan are 65kms from Chiang Mai and right beside the main highway to Chiang Rai. There are long footbaths filled with flowing hot spring water as well as a couple of pools in which travellers can immerse their bodies. As Mae Khachan is a stopover on tours to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle, there is a diverse choice of eateries and souvenir shops to choose from.
Mae Khachan Hot Spring: – Km. 64-65, T. Mae Chedi Mai, A. Wiang Pa Pao, Chiang Rai 57260 | Open: 24 Hours | Admission Fee: Free


The hot spring at Pong Dued is more a series of bubbling pools than a spurting geyser style jet of water. The pools are in a forest park and present an eerie sight with steam blowing off them on colder days. There are pools in which tourists can take a spring water bath. Pong Dued is 100kms from Chiang Mai and just off the road leading to Pai. These hot springs are usually included on adventure tours to Pai, but are signposted for people travelling in rental cars or on motorcycles.
Pong Dued Hot Spring: M. 5, T. Kuet Chang, A. Mae Tang, Chiang Mai 50150 | Open: 08:00-18:00 (Daily) | Admission Fees: Adult 300 B; Child 150 B | Tel: +66 53 248 491, +66 84 908 1531


Fang Hot Springs are a part of Doi Pa Hom Pok National Park and 160kms from Chiang Mai. The hot springs area of the park has one geyser jet which spurts water and steam up to 40 metres in the air. Private bathing rooms, nature walks and a relaxing environment have made Fang Hot Springs a popular destination for Thai and foreign tourists.
Fang Hot Spring: #224, M. 6, T. Pong Nam Ron, A. Fang, Chiang Mai 50110 | Open: 08:00-17:30 (Daily) | Admission Fees: Adult 300 B; Child 150 B | Tel: +66 53 453 517, +66 52 080 801, +66 84 483 4689