The What’s Up Guide to Go Go Bars and Girlie Bars in Chiang Mai

Foreign tourists will find Chiang Mai is definitely not Phuket’s Soi Bangla or the Patpong area of Bangkok when it comes to the famous Thai a go-go bars and girlie bars. The main options for this kind of farang-friendly entertainment establishment in Chiang Mai are all close to the de facto red light zone at Loi Kroh Road.

Naked pole dancers are mostly a thing of the past in Thailand. This is especially true at Chiang Mai’s go-go bars and the dancers are clothed albeit in skimpy, slinky, skin-tight dresses. Most of the pole dancers are available for short-time or all night sex sessions. Between dances, they usually approach punters and chat before asking for a lady’s drink. If the customer agrees to buy the drink, the ice is broken and the talk turns to the business of bar fines and how much for short time or all night.

There are a few hotels in this part of town which offer rooms by the hour. Farang visitors planning on bringing Thai girls back are probably better off staying in one of the What’s Up recommended bachelor hotels. Regular hotels nowadays often tack on a surcharge when guests come back with an extra guest. What we think are the most farang-friendly go-go bars and girlie bars are listed below. 

Last Updated: January 2020

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Foxy Lady Go Go Bar features a posse of younger girls who seem really enthusiastic about their stage dances. Apart from maybe the cashier, the girls are available for sex and the standard bar fine service fees apply although some punters say prices are higher than average for Chiang Mai and equal to Bangkok. Foxy Lady boasts a contemporary décor and has bar stools and seating built for comfort. This a go-go is at the back of the D2 Hotel and two minutes on foot from Loi Kroh Road.
Foxy Lady A Go Go Bar: 80/12 Thapae Soi 1, Chang Klan Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100 | Open: 20:00-02:00 (Daily) | Tel: +66 80 674 1121

A favourite with tourists and resident expats alike, the Spotlight offers a pleasant environment to catch Thai girls dancing around poles seductively while enjoying a drink and a chat. The Spotlight has an outside bar at which the ladies sit and try to entice passing males into the inner sanctum. Again the girls are more than willing to accept a lady’s drink, chat and be bought out for short time or all night sex sessions. The Spotlight is about 100 metres from the moat end of Loi Kroh.
Spotlight A Go Go Bar: – 47 Kotchasarn Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100 | Open: 20:00-02:00 (Daily) | Tel: +66 53 276 012

Star XIX, or Star Six as most people refer to it, is across a small soi from the Loi Kroh Boxing and Entertainment Complex. This go-go bar is smaller and less swish than either Spotlight or Foxy Lady, but has a stage big enough for two to three dancers to strut their stuff on. Occasional shows add variety to the entertainment but are quite tame as current laws require the girls to keep their clothes on.
Star XIX: 80/9, Soi 3, Loi Kroh Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100 | Open: 18:00-00:00 (Daily)


Although the main collection of girlie bars is on Loi Kroh Road, some of the smaller bar beers around the Night Bazaar have a few working girls who are quite happy to be bought out if the price is right. When hooking up with bar girls, the format is similar to destinations throughout Thailand. The main difference between go go bars and girlie bars is that the girls can sit with patrons for longer and might be more touchy-feely in their attempts to drum up business.

Inside the bar, one of the girls will usually offer to play a game of Connect 4 and then follow it up with some sweet talk and a request for a lady’s drink. Once the drink arrives, the chat starts in earnest. Customers are usually given the choice of short-time or all-night and the price agreed. The customer has to pay a bar fine to take the girl away before the end of her shift and this is not included in the price for the services.

The Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex  on Loi Kroh Road is the premier Chiang Mai nightlife destination for single males, in particular, and females looking to have an evening of fun. King Kong’s Bar, the Coyote and Cool Bar are a trio of more than 20 bars spread along an arcade with a muay Thai boxing ring at one end. The bars all have a number of working Thai girls, a pool table, music and a menu of drinks ranging from Thai beers to cocktails. Buying a lady’s drink will get you some company. The Coyote comes highly recommended for the beauty of its girls plus the fact it is air-conditioned and has TVs showing live sports fixtures.
Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex: – Soi 3A, Loi Kroh Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100 | Open: 19:00-02:00 (Daily)


Loi Kroh bar fines are around the THB400 mark and the minimum cost of your chosen partner is THB1,000. If it is the low season, late in the evening or there are more girls than customers, prices do drop and are often negotiable anyway. Those who do not want to take their new partner back to their own hotel have the choice of renting a room at a short-time love motel for an hour or the night. Hourly rates start at THB200. Most of the girls know where the local short-time hotels are.

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