The What’s Up Guide to Loi Kroh Road – Chiang Mai Red Light District

 Chiang Mai Loi Kroh Road Zones: 
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Last Updated: June 2020


Loi Kroh Road is Chiang Mai’s equivalent of the girlie bar zones found in just about every major city and holiday destination in Thailand. Loi Kroh stretches for just over a kilometre between the Old City moat and the Ping River.

There are two central girlie bar zones on the street. These act as Chiang Mai’s equivalent of a red light district. The first one is at the western moat end of the strip and Kotchasarn Road. The other is centred around a muay Thai boxing bar beer centre at the back of the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

These two locations are the top Chiang Mai locations to head for if looking to make a new friend for a few hours or pay for some female company for a few hours or even the night. Visitors walking past either of the two will have no doubts they have found the right place as there will be groups of attractively dressed girls outside the bars asking ‘Where you go?’ or saying ‘Come in, sit down please’  Read More on Chiang Mai Girlie Bars and Go Go Bars


Although Loi Kroh is a toned down version of the farang (foreigner) friendly Patpong red light district in Bangkok, it does have other reasons for a visit. Massage shops, handicraft and wood carvings sales outlets, regular bars and pubs and even temples are spread out along the non-girlie bar zones of Loi Kroh. Wat Phan Tong and Wat Loi Kroh are close to each other and around 200 metres down from the moat end.

Rock Me Burger at the Raming Lodge is said to serve up the finest version of this classic American favourite in Chiang Mai. The Teak Baan Sakthong is another popular eatery on Loi Kroh while the Chiang Mai Saloon, the Oriental Garden Bar, the Roo Bar, the Playhouse Bar, the Wild Boar, the Down Under and the Bus Bar live music pub all enjoy prime locations on what is arguably one of the two most famous streets in Chiang Mai. Foxy Lady and the Number 1 Bar are both only a couple of minutes’ walk away too.  Read More on Loi Kroh and Night Bazaar Bars

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The Kotchasan Road end of Loi Kroh Road is definitely in-your-face and from about 19:00 onwards girls will actively try and entice male punters inside for a drink. Old favourites Linda’s Bar and Marin plus Jammer’s Delight, the Dragonfly and Win Rock Style are top choices for bars here. Walking a little north on Kotchasarn leads to Lucky Bar and the infamous Spotlight A Go Go.


There are upwards of 20 beer bars in the arcade leading to and around the boxing ring. Establishments such as the Coyote Bar and My Tirak Pub generally feature groups of pretty girls, loud music, a pool table and a selection of domestic beers and spirits. Star XiX A Go Go is across Loi Kroh Soi 3A from the stadium.  Read More on Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gyms