The What’s Up Guide to the Best Chiang Mai Traditional Khantoke Dinner – Top 4

Cultural Shows at Khum Khantoke

A traditional Khantoke dinner is the ideal means of gaining insights into the nuances of Northern Thai cooking and regional culture. Khantoke dinners are based on the heritage of Chiang Mai and the old Lanna Kingdom. The four venues offering Khantoke dinners in Chiang Mai are fabulous structures designed to replicate historic Lanna palaces.

Dining etiquette, seating arrangements and the dishes served are an authentic celebration of Chiang Mai’s traditions. Highlights include being greeted by Khantoke staff in traditional Lanna costume with a wai, dance routines such as the ram dap sword and tasting the inimitable flavours of sticky rice and chilli dips like nam phrik ong. Details about the different Khantoke dinners in Chiang Mai follow.

Last Updated: June 2019

 Best Places for Khantoke Dinner in Chiang Mai: 
 Benjarong | Khum Khantoke | Old Chiang Mai | Sibsongpanna | Where to Eat Northern Thai Food | Further Reading 
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Located on a shopping estate to the east of the city, the palatial complex of Khum Khantoke is a wonderful spot to enjoy a Chiang Mai Khantoke Dinner. The entertainment includes the Khantoke welcome parade, a performance of Attayaranasiam combat fighting, a Kingkala dance and drumming. Dinners sit on the floor and round a small rattan table while sampling nam phrik ong, thick pork curry, crispy pork crackling, banana fritters and seasonal fruit. Halal and vegetarian meals are available here too.
Khum Khantoke: #139, M. 4, T. Nong Prakung, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 | Open: 18:30-21:00 (Daily) | Prices: Adult 590 B, Child 390 B | Tel: +66 53 244 141 | Website | Facebook E-mail 


Old Chiang Mai was the original venue for Khantoke dinner and cultural performances when it opened on Wualai Road in the early 1970s. Among the performances skilled artistes serenade diners with here are the silk-reel dance and the famous ramwong folk dance. Visitors have a choice of standard dinners or Halal and vegetarian. The standard option comprises green chilli and tomato-pork (ong) chilli pastes, crisp pork, Burmese style hinlay curry, various vegetable dishes, crispy noodles, fruit and coffee or tea.
Old Chiang Mai Culture Centre: #185/3, Wualai Rd., T. Hai Ya, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100 | Open: 18:00-21:30 (Daily) | Prices: Adult 570 B, Child 285 B | Tel: +66 53 202 993-5 | Website | Facebook E-mail


The shows, dances and meals at Benjarong Khantoke are a celebration of the historic heritage of the Chiang Mai Lanna Kingdom. A khantoke parade, the Kingkala Bird dance and sword dancing with all participants dressed in traditional costumes are magical sights. The dinner menu at Benjarong comes with Northern favourites comprising sticky rice, geng hang lay curry and two spicy dips – nam prik ong and nam prik noom.
Benjarong Khantoke: #101, M. 4, T. Suthep, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 | Open: 19:00-21:30 (Daily) | Price: 350 B | Tel: +66 53 804 331-2 | Website | E-mail


Sibsongpanna is another great venue to feast on Chiang Mai themed culinary delights while being serenaded by graceful dancers wearing the colourful clothing of yesteryear. Sibsongpanna Khantoke dinners come fully inclusive of nam prik spicy dips, curry, sticky rice, desserts and soft drinks.
Sibsongpanna Khantoke: #66/2, M. 10, T. Suthep, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 | Open: 18:30-22:00 (Daily) | Price: 300 B | Tel: +66 83 579 7373 | Facebook