China Opens New Visa Application Centre in Chiang Mai

China opened a new centre for visitor visa applications in Chiang Mai earlier this month. Effective since the 9th of December 2019, holders of standard passports are now required to apply for their visitor visas at a centre in Chiang Mai’s eastern business park. The visa processing section at the Chinese Consulate on the south side of the city moat no longer accepts applications for tourist or business visitor visas.

The Visa Application Centre is open from Monday to Friday, except official holidays, between 09:00 and 15:00. Applications for express visas need to be submitted before 11:30. The centre is located at Green Mall Plus 3 in the business park and in the zone behind Chiang Mai’s Big C Extra 2 Department Store.

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The new Chinese visa centre is a processing facility only and all visa applications are approved by officials at the Chinese Consulate in Chiang Mai. The consulate still handles diplomatic visas and those with diplomatic passports are required to apply for their visas at this facility. The What’s Up Directory of Foreign Consulates in Chiang Mai is linked here.