Lampang Conservation Centre to Hold National Elephant Day Festival

The Thai Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang has announced it will be staging a three-day elephant party to mark Thailand’s National Elephant Day on Friday the 13th of March, 2020. The events will kick off on Thursday morning with elephant-themed religious rites. The day’s activities will continue with an elephant buffet and various elephant oriented activities.

Opening ceremonies on Friday will commence at 09:00 and be followed by a khantoke buffet for elephants at 11:00, watching the elephants take baths at 13:00, and three hours of elephant training sessions and talent displays. The elephant festival will finish on Sunday with a mahout (elephant trainer) contest, another khantoke buffet and elephant shows.

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The Thai Elephant Conservation Centre is located in the Hang Chat District of Lampang. It is 65kms from Chiang Mai Old City and is right beside the southbound lanes of Chiang Mai-Lampang Highway 11. Elephants are one of Thailand’s national symbols and the country has honoured them with Chang Thai Day / National Elephant Day since 1999. This What’s Up Guide provides additional information about the best elephant adventures in Chiang Mai.