Thailand Prepares Roll Out of Online Visa Application System

News sources in Thailand say an online visa application system for international tourists will be ready for testing in the next few months. Passport holders from four countries will be eligible to apply for eVisas at first, but the plan is to expand the number during the course of 2019. The four nations to be included in the trial run are China, France, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and the UK.

According to an article in eTurboNews, a global travel news outlet, the eVisa application portal for Thailand will be implemented by the end of 2018. Applications will be available via Pre-applying for eVisas will allow tourists from the four countries to stay in Thailand longer than they are currently allowed to if they arrive without visas.

French, UAE and UK nationals all get 30-day, visa-exempt entry while Chinese nationals can obtain visas-on-arrival valid for 15-day stays. EVisas should be valid for the same length of time as standard tourist visas and this is 60 days from the date of arrival. As Thailand travel industry watchers were quick to point out, the plan to launch the eVisa option is only a proposal at present and may take longer to actually implement.