Chiang Mai Jai Thep Festival Moves to New Venue for 2018

Next month’s Chiang Mai Jai Thep Festival is moving to a new and much larger 16-acre venue in Hang Dong District. The three-day celebration of music and arts will be staged at the Lanna Rock Garden over the weekend beginning on Friday 2 February 2018. The festival’s director has confirmed there will be five different stages with an eclectic mix of live international and Thai music acts, DJs and theatrical performances.

The Srirajah Rockers and punk band The Die Hards from Thailand plus the likes of Kenda Rae from the US and the UK’s Broken Note will be gracing the stages at Jai Thep. DJ Pisshead and DJ Sankasi are among top turntable artistes set to make appearances. In keeping with other global music fests, Jai Thep will be opening one stage zone 24/7 at which music fans will be able to enjoy techno and trance tunes plus eat around the clock if they so desire.

One of the five stages is reserved for theatrical drama and comedy. Children are not being left out either as Jai Thep will feature a number of family friendly workshops during the daylight hours. These include drumming and various exercise sessions including reiki. This year’s edition of the Jai Thep Festival is the third in the series and the organisers say they expect a crowd of up to 5,000 people over the three days.

Tickets are still available on the Jai Thep Festival website as well as from Ticket Melon. Early bird tickets are cheaper than tickets on the gate. Tents are available for rent while those with their own can pitch them for free. The Lanna Rock Garden is at the south end of the so-called Samoeng Loop tourist route and 10kms up Highway 1269.