Mae Takhrai Officially Listed As Thailand National Park

Northern Thailand’s Mae Takhrai region was officially listed as the nation’s 131st national park last month. The Royal Gazette list issued on the 12 December formally changed the status of Mae Takhrai from national park in waiting to permanent one.

Mae Takhrai is spread over parts of two northern provinces, Chiang Mai and Lamphun, and is close to the eco-tour hub of Mae On. The Thai Department of National Parks (DNP) says Mae Takhrai is noted for an unspoilt natural environment and forests. The chance of seeing wildlife ranging from deer and gibbons to civets and bears is another major draw. According to the DNP, Tadmei Waterfall and mountains are the key attractions.

The DNP explains that listing Mae Takhrai as a national park will help preserve ecological systems and afford it the protection of the 1961 National Parks Act. The What’s Up Guide to San Kamphaeng and Mae On has more details about the attractions in this eastern region of Chiang Mai.