New Robot Serves Customers at Chiang Mai Vietnamese Restaurant

The owner of a Vietnamese restaurant on the outer edges of Chiang Mai has come up with a novel way to attract customers and save money at the same time. Robot waiter UBOT01 recently made a début appearance at the @Ubon Guay Jub Yuan Restaurant in the Hang Dong area to the south of the city.

@Ubon Guay Jub Yuan boss Kongkrit Rattanamoung says UBOT01 provides a fully automated service. Customers place their orders on UBOT01’s tablet computer and these are delivered to the restaurant kitchen. Once the food and drinks have been prepared, UBOT01 delivers them to the diners’ tables. The robot has even been programmed to tell customers when their orders are ready and to say sorry for any delays.

Explaining the reasoning behind using robot service, Mr Rattanamoung said he needed a unique feature to attract patrons plus he wanted to cut down on operating overheads. He explained it only took one month to design, build and programme UBOT01 and the total cost was around the THB1,000 mark.

@Ubon Guay Jub Yuan Restaurant is located on the Chiang Mai outer ring road and serves Pho and other popular Vietnamese dishes.

Contact details: #304, M. 3, 3rd Ring Road, next to Mooban The Celio, T. Sanpakwan, A. Hang Dong , Chiang Mai 50230. Tel: 090 901 7147.