Doi Ang Khang Sakura Cherry Tree Blossoms Start Flowering

The sakura cherry tree blossoms at Doi Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station started flowering just in time for Christmas. Visitors reported seeing the first of the vivid pink flowers on the 21 December. A representative for the station told media sources more of the 5,000 sakura trees would be in full bloom for the New Year and the blossoms would then likely last until well into January.

Due to its elevated location and cooler weather, Doi Ang Khang is usually the first place in Chiang Mai Province at which sakura cherry trees start flowering. At other popular sakura viewing locations such as Khun Chang Kian and Doi Inthanon National Park, flowers are yet to be seen this winter. Locals say the unseasonably warm weather will probably delay the start of the sakura viewing season until the New Year.

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As it is only a few kilometres beyond Doi Suthep Temple, Khun Chang Kian tends to be the most visited sakura viewing spot for Chiang Mai visitors. The variety of tree here is the wild Himalayan cherry but the spectacle is as vibrant as that created by genuine Japanese sakura. Doi Inthanon is also an easy option for sakura viewing because tour agencies like Chiang Mai Local Tours include the activity on their itineraries during the season.

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