Samoeng Strawberry Festival 2020 Schedule of Events

The organising committee for the 2020 Samoeng Strawberry Festival have released a timetable of events. The 19th festival at Samoeng District Office is a four-day happening and will commence with preliminary sepak takraw football matches and a kiddies competition on Thursday 6th February. The official inauguration ceremony will take place on the following day, Friday the 7th.

A colourful daytime parade will mark the official start of the Samoeng Strawberry Festival and will be followed at various times throughout the day with sepak takraw games, folk singing and a beauty pageant in the evening. Over the following two days, highlights include demonstrations of how to make som tam spicy salads and spicy minced larb, a lotto in aid of charity, strawberry tasting, and another beauty contest to wrap the event up on Sunday evening.

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Samoeng and its District Office are up in the mountains to the west of Chiang Mai. Samoeng is the main stop on the popular Samoeng Tourist Trail. Additional details about the Samoeng Strawberry Festival and other annual festivals in Chiang Mai are available via this link.