Chiang Mai University Holds Tree of Life Crafts Exhibition

Earlier this month, Chiang Mai University held the opening ceremonies for the Tree of Life Modern Crafts Exhibition. The exhibition and associated workshops are being held at the university’s Dhamma Pavilion and will close on June 30th 2019

The Tree of Life is being supported by UNESCO. The choice of Chiang Mai is a fitting accolade to the city’s famous handicraft industries and its inclusion on the list of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. The exhibits themselves are a collection of handicrafts made by local artisans in countries ranging from Bhutan and Mexico to Australia and Uzbekistan.

The art and culture exhibits have been crafted from the likes of ceramics, various metals and alloys, lacquerware, bamboo and wood. All are representative artefacts of the homelands of their creators. Before arriving in Chiang Mai, The Tree of Life exhibits were on show in Taiwan. Their next port-of-call is Bhutan’s National Museum of Textiles.

Craft artisans from around the world will be leading craft-making sessions for the duration of the Tree of Life exhibition. These include a few of Chiang Mai’s cottage industry handicraft artists. Updated details about the workshops plus videos and exhibition events can be found on the Facebook page of Chiang Mai City of Crafts and Folk Art.