Chiang Mai Joins 2019 World Cleanup Day Activities

Chiang Mai will be staging litter picking and other cleansing operations on Saturday the 21st of September as a part of World Cleanup Day 2019. The epicentre of the Northern Thai city’s cleanup drive is Thapae Gate. The organisers of Chiang Mai’s trash removal and spruce up exercises say anyone wishing to take part should head down to the landmark gate between 09:00 and 12:00.

To publicise the global effort to revitalise the planet, the organisers note that the best way of doing this is to pick up litter and add to the designated piles while taking photographs of your actions. The trash piles will in turn be collected in a sweep-up operation by organisers and municipal employees. The Facebook page for World Cleanup Day Chiang Mai has more details about where to post your photos of the day’s activities.