The What’s Up Guide to the Best Accommodation in Chiang Mai – Top 10

Rati Lanna Riverside – A perfect blend of Lanna heritage and modern facilities

Chiang Mai features a varied portfolio of accommodation choices. Tourism authorities in the city say there are around 2,000 different hotels, guesthouses, hostels and resorts to choose from. With such a large choice, there are establishments available which cater to all budgets, comfort levels and desired onsite facilities.

Most of Chiang Mai’s accommodation collection is situated in the inner districts of the city and within about 15 minutes drive of the international airport, the railway station and the Arcade Bus Station. There are accommodation choices in the Old City itself, close to the Ping River and the Night Bazaar, and also in the trendy nightlife and dining district centred on Nimmanhaemin Road.

Resorts such as the Ruen Come In elevate the luxury accommodation experience to new heights with opulently decorated rooms and suites plus a good range of onsite amenities. The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai and the 137 Pillars House are the highlights of the five star hotels and complemented by a huge choice of two, three and four star hotels.

Those looking for an economical base to meet new friends will find Chiang Mai hostels offer excellent value for money plus décor and facilities far superior to similar establishments in other major global city holiday destinations. The Hub Hostel and guesthouses such as the Green Tiger are two of the stylish choices in the budget accommodation range and feature dormitories among their room options.

Rooms, suites, villas and even hostel dormitories at accommodation choices in Chiang Mai are invariably decorated with touches of colourful fabrics, artworks and teakwood furniture which reflect the local Lanna heritage. Onsite facilities vary with the different hotels and establishments. The What’s Up recommended best places to stay in Chiang Mai follow.


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