The What’s Up Guide to Extreme Activities and Sports in Chiang Mai

Adventure tour operators in Chiang Mai provide tourists with a diverse choice of extreme activity options which range from bungy jumping to rock climbing and whitewater rafting. The Chiang Mai X-Centre is a member of the exclusive collection of visitor attractions located in the northern Mae Sa Valley and a one-stop location for adrenalin junkies.

Exciting experiences awaiting at the Chiang Mai X-Centre are bungy-jumping, invigorating Xorb ball rides, paintball fights, drift kart drives and a range of motorised dirt-track and jungle odysseys on ATVs, trail bikes and souped-up off-road buggies. The X-Centre is family friendly and has some ATVs and drift-carts for youngsters in addition to a mini-golf course and a restaurant serving Western favourites including burgers and fish and chips.

Package prices for each of the different activities include the hire of all necessary helmets, safety clothing and equipment. The X-Centre is about 30 minutes’ drive from Chiang Mai and easily reached by tuk-tuk, taxi, rented car or motorcycle. The centre provides complimentary transportation in air-conditioned passenger vans for people who make direct reservations to take part in activities.

Last Updated: June 2019

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The adrenalin rush of bungy jumping at the X-Centre comes with state-of-the-art safety apparatus and a backdrop of lush greenery. The foundations of the jump tower are deeply embedded and the three-person electric lift hardly vibrates on its ascent. The tower is positioned above a small lagoon and the height for the jump is 50 metres. Twin rewards for this gravity-defying leap are a feeling of achievement and a completion certificate. The jump is open to children who weigh at least 35 kilogrammesand have parental consent.


The Xorb ball rides at the X-Centre are a high speed rush down a 100-metre slope to a lagoon. The Xorbs are more than three metres across and can accommodate up to two people. Xorbers are strapped in before the ball is pushed off the starting ramp and the whirling descent begins. A minimum age of seven years old and height of 120 centimetres applies to Xorb riders.

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The paintball arena at the X-Centre provides the fun part of real-life combat but without the pain. The war zone takes advantage of natural forest and landscapes dotted with bunkers and hidey-holes. To enhance the realism, fighters don team-coloured camouflage suits and safety hats with face masks before entering the battlefield. The paintball rifles are gas-powered to cope with extreme ranges. Capturing the flag of the opposing fighter or team is one of the games which add to the sense of realism. Combatants have to be over 12 to play in the actual paintball battlefield zone, but children of all ages are welcome at the paintball shooting range.


Sliding around the tight corners of the indoor drift kart racing at the Chiang Mai X-Centre is guaranteed to excite. The surface of the track utilises special materials to provide maximum traction. Karters can race against friends or try to beat their lap times. The karts are simple to drive as they only have two controls plus a steering wheel. A minimum age limit of nine years old applies to drivers, but there are two-person karts for parents who want to take children for a spin.


The X-Centre provides a range of off-road four-wheel and two-wheel adventures to suit all tastes and age groups. The centre’s fleet of ATVs covers everything from child-friendly ones to the high-powered CFMoto 450cc while buggy options go up to a 1000cc muscle-monster. The trail bike collection comprises Kawasaki KLX 150s and KLX250s. The off-road excursions vary in length and are tailored to suit the particular skill levels of drivers and riders.

*Note: Prices do change, we recommend checking for the latest updates.
•  Bungy Jumps: 2,000-3,300 B
•  Xorb Ball Rides: 600 B
•  Paintball Battles (100 Paintballs): 800 B
•  Indoor Drift Kart Races (15 Mins): 800-1,000 B 
•  Extreme Drives (1 Hour): UTV 5,500 B  / ATV 2,000 B / Buggy 4,500 B

Chiang Mai X-Centre 
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