The What’s Up Guide to the Best Nightlife Districts in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to an assortment the Thai bar-beers found in every major tourist spot in the country. The Bar Beer Centre on Loi Kroh Road is the one most tourists gravitate to. There are a few smaller zones too where the free and single can hang out at a girlie bar. Those who enjoy dancing the night away to top tunes at state-of-the-art discos will find Chiang Mai does not disappoint either.

Bars and nightlife establishments in Chiang Mai tend to be grouped into specific districts. The main ones are the riverside district on the east bank of the Ping River, the Night Bazaar, Loi Kroh Road and specific streets in the Old City quarter. In recent years, a profusion of bars, discos and other nightlife venues has sprouted up in the locality of Nimmanhaemin Road and this has added to the choices for nights out. The details about Chiang Mai nightlife districts are shown below.

Last Updated: January 2020

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 Chiang Mai Nightlife Districts: 
 Loi Kroh-Night Bazaar | Nimmanhaemin | Old City | Riverside | Further Reading


Although there are odd bars and even small clusters in the most parts of the Old City, the bulk of the nightlife venues in this district are within 10 minutes’ walk, at most, from Tha Phae Gate on the inner east side of  the moat. Moonmuang Road runs along this side of the moat and is home to perennial favourites, the British-themed Mad Dog bar and Loco Elvis. The latter is at the junction of Ratvithi Road. Ratvithi is lined with a great assortment of bars, eateries and restaurants. Notable bars are Sheryle’s, the UN Irish Pub and Zoe in Yellow. Other favourites close to, or on Ratvithi, are Archer’s Bar and Chiang Mai Saloon II.  Recommended Bars & Pubs in the Old City


The area between the east side of the Old City moat and the River Ping is home to a nice range of pubs. The epicentre of Chiang Mai’s girlie bar scene is on Loi Kroh Road, but there are other atmospheric here too. There are two themed sports pubs near the Night Bazaar plus venues where live blues and jazz music are on the menu. There is a branch of the international Hard Rock Cafe chain in this locality while, back up near Tha Phae Gate, the live bands at the Inter Bar play good cover versions of Western rock and pop classics.  Recommended Bars & Pubs in Loi Kroh – Night Bazaar


Across the other side of the River Ping. the riverside area north of Nawarat Bridge is a good spot to enjoy live bands and chill out with gentle breezes cooling the evenings down. Opened in the 1980s, The Riverside Bar and Restaurant is still going strong and has live music every evening. A second Riverside across the road and the Good View and the Gallery Restaurant are the flagships of the nightlife premises on this strip. Queues of tuk-tuks waiting to take patrons home at the end of the night are a testament to the popularity of this zone of town.  Recommended Live Music Bars & Pubs


Primarily the main street through a residential area until the early 2000s, Nimmanhaemin Road is now Chiang Mai’s rising star when it comes to nightlife. Infinity Nightclub and the Warm Up Cafe are vibrant spots to dance and enjoy top tunes. Nimman’s nightlife collection includes craft beer pubs, bars serving cut-price beers and tasty Thai snacks, and even beer-shops with outside patios to relax and people watch from. The Pub, a Chiang Mai classic, is opposite the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Mall at the top end of Nimman while hot favourite the Tha Wan Deng Pub is a few hundred metres away. This part of town is slowly attracting more Westerners but its clientele are primarily Thais.  Recommended Bars & Pubs on Nimmanhaemin Road